About Us

At MARL CO, we believe in investment—and there is no greater investment than the people who work with us.

We are a family-oriented business that believes family and family values extend to our employees—whether they are a senior manager or someone who drives one of our trucks.

Our people are the ambassadors of our name, and so we believe in training them not just in the skills they need to ensure the levels of quality and service we insist upon, but also that they share in our success by making us a better company every day we operate. MARL CO is more than a company. It is a family.

Day after day we maximize our potentials to reach every possibility and every opportunity to achieve successful investments and setting no boundaries to our vision.

Our Vesion

At Marl Company, our vision is to supply every one of our customers with the freshest, highest quality products; we aim to source products from everywhere, so everyone has tastes, flavors they may have never tried—all with our signature qualities. There are no boundaries to our vision.

Add to this our desire to supply you and your customer’s delicious foods at a price that is as terrific as the taste.

We achieve our quality through a rigorous selection of farms and partner suppliers who share our vision of affordable quality, as well as our insistence on operating a short supply chain; a dedicated and ultra-efficient logistics system, and a brand new, state-of-the-art storage facility that underscores our commitment to fast, fresh delivery.

At MARL CO, we deliver a whole world of freshness—no matter who, or where you are.

Our Philosophy

Since the satisfaction of our clients is our most valuable treasure of all times, so our goal is to build a long-lasting relationship with them which drives us to put our clients’ profitability as our first priority besides the accuracy of dates and the credibility and integrity of our promises and agreements.

Our mission

To be the most trusted and honorable assistant for importers from all over the world.

To be brands and label on our product is the hallmark that you are buying the highest quality.

To ease the trading process with all of its aspects to help making the highest profitability with the minimum effort.


We Are True To Our Promise

Hossam Gaber

Welcome to the MARL Company website. It is my sincere hope that after you have taken a look at our site, you will have a better insight into the type of company we are, and that you will find we are a company that demands the highest quality in everything we do. We understand the demands of your customers and aim to help you to ensure they receive the best produce available in the market with the highest possible levels of service.

MARL Company origins lie in farming and manufacturing. This is why we understand our business so well. We believe in personal attention: it is this background that drives us to supply your customers and their families only the highest quality produce—all from carefully selected growers and workers .we are true to our promise (We treat food treated medicine).

With over two decades in the business, we have always looked forward by investing in our company; in our people, in our systems, in our brands and in our facilities. We believe this is what separates us from our competition, and is the ingredient that you will find makes the qualitative difference between satisfaction and delight; what we call “The Fresh product Factor”.

When we say we offer ‘healthy and freshness’, it is a promise; a promise we take very seriously. With MARL Company, the freshness of our produce takes center-stage, as we work hard to bring your customers a comforting slice of quality and a tantalizing taste of the exotic.


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